Grow your Readership with an Autoresponder Campaign

An autoresponder is a program that automatically generates a timed response to all messages sent to a particular email address. They come with a wide variety of options depending on the one you choose, and they have many practical uses, especially for digital newsletter publishers.

Not only do they make it easy to add and manage subscribers on your list, but they can also be set up to send automatic responses to people who subscribe to your newsletter which makes it possible for you to send out issues at predetermined intervals. For instance, when someone joins your list an autoresponder will automatically send them a welcome email.

For newsletter delivery, you will need an autoresponder that has a good broadcast feature. The broadcast feature works the same as the auto-response feature, with one big difference. The messages aren’t sent out at specified intervals. Instead, they can be sent instantly or scheduled to go out on a particular day and time, with no bearing on when the subscriber was added to the mailing sequence.

While it is possible to publish your newsletter without using an autoresponder to maintain your mailing list and send out content, it makes the process much easier. It allows subscribers to easily opt-in, or out without you having to lift a finger. It can also take care of distribution and segmentation, based on the preferences and schedule you set.

It also allows you to plan and create content in advance, then have it delivered to your mailing list, no matter where you are or what you are doing. This is the beauty of automation and as your list grows the basic maintenance can become very difficult without the automation that autoresponders provide.

Since all past broadcast and auto response messages are saved, you can easily refer to old issues as mentioned above. You can also use the tracking feature in each issue to determine how many clicks you are getting for the various products and website links that you are promoting.

If you want to publish a worry-free, successful newsletter, then, in my opinion, an autoresponder is a must have tool. However, not just any autoresponder will do. You want one that is reliable, and that provides excellent email deliverability and all the features you need to grow your readership.

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